Dear guys, our club website is brand new and we need some time to translate all the information we have, so please be patient until we’ll have our job done, thanks!

Clubul Muscaricilor was founded many years ago, starting with the idea to do many things together around the FF passion, fishing, ecology, cultural events, fishing trips. It’s based on friendship and living FF experience together. Usual we activate in western part of Romania (Banat) with our home town Timisoara. We do many things in supporting the national competitions since 2003: The National Finals, Golden Trout Open, 3 Lakes Cup, Since 2011, we became one of the founder clubs in Romanian FF Federation, active involved in it’s setup with 2 representatives in Directing Council.

Our Partners

Even if we don’t have official partnerships, we can consider our partners: Romanian FF Federation, Loop Tackle Design AB, Baltic Fly Fishers, Trout Line, for our long collaboration.

Honorary Members:
Ion Sulea Gorj – painter
Leon Vreme – painter
Valeriu Sepi – painter, musician ex. Phoenix
Puiu Lazaru – musician
Sasa Zec – EFFA CI
Veljko Andric – EFFA CI
Thomas Berggren – IFFF, MCI THCI
Bogdan Vasilescu – national fly competition chair – AGVPSR
Alin Neamtu – photo-reporter, manager BNB.ro
Stuart Longhurst – CEO Baltic Flyfisher, ECHO European dealer
Christer Sjoberg – founder Loop, Solid Adventures
Paul Arden – founder Sexyloops
Djordje Andjelkovic – IFFF MCI THCI
Paul Sas – EFFA CI

Past away Club Members:
Jenica Mihaescu – artist (+2003) Mircea Crisnic – anesthetist (+2006) Sergiu Stirbu – art manager, (+2009) Romul Nutiu – paintor (+2012)

Who we are                                          facebook

tudor Tudor Vreme – club president, born in 1964 in Timisoara,  founder and club associate, manager and owner of Ideatm.ro, passionate fly fishermen, developer of S1waterbike project, promoter of cultural and ecological club activities, designer and artist, vice-president of Romanian Fly Fishing Federation.

titus Titus Nicoara – club vice-president, born in 1954, Talmaciu jud. Sibiu, Executive member and club associate, manager and owner of Gabbro Timisoara, passionate fly fishermen,  the club money man, treasurer of Romanian Fly Fishing Federation

ivanescuFlorin Ivanescu  – born in 1962 in Timisoara, founder and club associate, manager of IDesign Timisoara, designer and artist. Creator of the trophies that club offered to national competitions since 2003.

lothHeinrich Loth – born in 1969 in Timisoara, founder and associate, manager and owner of Data Group Int. din Timisoara, promoter of ecological club activities, Connoisseur of preparing fish dishes. Creator of “Caster” club fresh and unfiltered beer.

Dan Megan – proiectant
Adrian Lucuta
Boris Babici – professor
Cristian Crasnean
Bogdan Carpenisan
Ion Rusanda
Dan Iloiu

Invited Members:
Mihnea Popescu, Peti Boldovina, Dan Almasan