We explore mostly the western part of Romania, The Banat, Hateg Country, Cris area. For every day fishing we explore places near Timisoara: Timis, Bega, Poganis, Birzava, Bega Veche and Jeru rivers. You have a kind of description of the places we use to fish, so, where we fishing!
bega Bega Bega starts from Poiana Ruscai mountain, it is a short river, around 200 km, it has the advantage that upstream Timisoara it doesn’t pass any major town. It’s clean with different type of fishing places. In the mountain area we can find trout and in the plain part we can find chub, asp, pike, pike-perch, catfish.
bega veche Bega Veche Bega Veche is mostly a channel that pass near Timisoara around 30 km. It has the huge advantage that most of the time the water is clean with a lot of visibility, mostly when all other rivers are big and muddy. It is a nice place for fly fishing, with wide open spaces. You can find chub, asp, pike.
timis Timis Timis river springs starts in Tarcu mountains and  is 250 km long. It passes Caransebes and Lugoj and close to Timisoara. It’s a beautiful river with sandy beaches and is very nice to fly fish on it. Unfortunately sometime it has huge difference in water level so it can’t be fished all the time, but when is small and clear it’s sensational. You can find chub, carp, pike, asp, catfish.
poganis Poganis Poganis or Pogonici starts on Semenic mountain, it is short, around 120 km and it ends in Timis river at Uliuc. It’s a small stream, slow with narrow places. It can be fished muscareste mostly from shore. Chub, Asp, Pike, Pikepearch
barzava Birzava Birzava stream starts from Semenic mountains, it’s short around  150 km long. It pases through Resita. It is a nice stream very produtive for chub. The best place to fish is between Sosdea and Rovinita. Very reach in Chub.